Health Contracting


This course provides an introduction to the study of Financing Models and Health Contracting. At the end of the course, students should be able to:
• Understand the contracting process in its various aspects and dimensions;
• Obtain a set of analytical skills, in order to establish the relationship between the health needs identified and the response options of organizations providing health care;
• Learn to set priorities in national, regional or organizational towards better use of resources.

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• COYTE, P. C. [et al.] - How can the settings used to provide care to older people be balanced? [Em linha]. Copenhagen: Health Systems and Policy Analysis.

Teaching method

• Theoretical sessions;
• Practical sessions;
• Seminars (critical analysis and discussion of case studies);
• Group work presentation and discussion.
a) Brief essay, up to two (2) pages, in the perspective of a public health physician with respect to Contracting in Public Health – individual work (40%).
b) Development, in groups and in class, of a proposal for contracting, up to three (3) pages, based on the experience of the students and the knowledge obtained, which concerns a health program. Presentation on role play - group work (50%).
c) Attendance and class participation under continuous assessment (20%).

Evaluation method

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Subject matter

1. Strategic thinking in the context of Financing and Contracting in Health Services
2. Historical and conceptual framework of Contracting in Health
3. External vs. Internal Contracting
4. Construction of an action plan for a Public Health Unit: indicators, objectives and targets
5. SEMINAR: Contracting in primary health care: the case of Public Health
6. The management by objectives in the context of Contracting in Health
7. The matrix management in ACES, while managerial process of contracting support
8. Negotiation techniques
9. SEMINAR: Perspectives of Contracting in Public Health


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