Public Health Classics. Reading the Classics


1. Read a number of classics in Public Health
2.  Write a book review, in the format of a scientific journal

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Responsible teacher

Alexandre Vieira Abrantes


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Total - 28

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Students of CESP

Licensure in Medicine, Nursing, Allied Health Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Engineerng, Health Care Management or associated fields. Any student of the Specialized Courses, Master´s or Doctoral programs, when the course is offered as optional


1. Common Good by Amitai Etzioni
2. The Determinants of Health by Thomas McKeown
3. The Ghost Map: The Story of London’s Most Terrifying Epidemic—and How it Changed Science, Cities, and the Modern World (the cholera epidemic in London) by Steven Johnson
4. Effectiveness and efficiency: random reflections on health services, by Archie Cochrane, 1972
5. Others Annex

Teaching method

1. Twelve Book Club sessions
2. Evaluation of group work in class (30%)
3. Evaluation based on individual essay, a book review in the format used by scientific journals (70%)

Evaluation method

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Subject matter

1. Foundations of public health: the common good, the tragedy of the commons and the logic of collective action
2. Determinants of health
3. Communicable Diseases
4. Mental health
5. Global health
6. Health Economics
7. Writing a book review for a scientific journal


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