Nutrition Science Degree

Education objectives

The course is designed so that the future nutritionist be able to: use concepts in the analysis of a particular case or situation (simulated or real); evaluate, analyze and make a decision based on scientific evidence (Code of Ethics for Nutritionist, Article 4, paragraph d); express personal opinion with arguments; take positions revealing critical and/or humanistic and/or ethical attitudes; expressing ability to design appropriate strategies to different situations and in different settings; show a critical and/or humanistic and/or ethical and/or warm and/or respectful performance in the development of various professional activities; respect diversity and; be an active part, participated in the health policy debate. This course allows students to acquire skills to diagnosis, intervention and monitoring, process and people management, communication and technology transfer.

General characterization

DGES code



Bachelor (1st Cycle)



Access to other programs

Access to courses of II and III Cycle in the scientific areas of the Bachelor degree and others related.


Professora Doutora Conceição Calhau

Opening date

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Teaching language

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Degree pre-requisites

The degree in Nutrition Sciences qualifies for the profession of Nutritionist, with mandatory enrollment in the Order of Nutritionists (Regulation no. 308/2016), which is one of the professions with relevance, together with the doctor, in the area of health.


The degree in Nutrition Sciences lasts at least 8 semesters, 5880 hours, and includes: 46 compulsory UC, aiming at a common but comprehensive training in the various areas of activity of the Nutritionist; 84 hours in optional UCs that constitute the offer of Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL), enabling the student to direct their training according to their interests and aptitudes; one semester with practical activities (Internship), which total 840 hours.


This cycle of studies was designed based on the guidelines published in the Reference for the formation of the Nutritionist published by the Order of Nutritionists (March 29, 2016).

Conditions of admittance

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Evaluation rules

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1st Year - 1st semester
Code Name ECTS
41005 Human Food 5.5
41000 Molecular and Cellular Biology 5.5
41001 Nutrition and Metabolism I 5
41003 Primary Food Production 5.5
41004 Food Chemistry 5.5
41002 History and Sociology of Food 3
1st Year - 2nd semester
Code Name ECTS
41007 Biostatistics I 3
41011 Communication in Health 5
41009 Genetics 3
41008 Morphology I 5
41006 Nutrition and Metabolism II 5
41010 Human Nutrition 6
11111 Family, Health and illness: the repetition in families 3
11114 History of Medicine 3
11117 Informatics and Applications of Medical Informatics 3
11200 Introduction to scientific writing and publication 3
11115 Foreign Language - English 3
11170 Sign Language 3
2nd Year - 1st semester
Code Name ECTS
41013 Nutritional Epidemiology 4
41014 Physiology 9
41012 Immunology 4
41016 Basic Microbiology 4
41015 Morphology II 5
41017 Food Technology and New Products 4
2nd Year - 2nd semester
Code Name ECTS
41018 Biopathology 5
41021 Bromatology 4
41019 Fisiopathology 5
41023 Gastrotecnic 5
41024 Marketing on Food and Nutrition 3
41020 Food Microbiology 4
41022 Public Health 4
3rd Year - 1st semester
Code Name ECTS
41031 Nutrition Evaluation 4
41026 Pharmacology 4
41029 Food Management Tools 3
41025 Investigation Methodologies 5
41030 Maternal and Pediatric Nutrition 5
41028 Food Security 4
41027 Food Toxicology 5
3rd Year - 2nd semester
Code Name ECTS
41036 Diet Therapy I 6
41038 Professional Ethics and Deontology 3
41037 Community Nutrition 4
41033 Geriatric Nutrition 4
41032 Sports Nutrition 4
41035 Nutritional Psychology 5
41034 Food Quality Management Systems 4
4th Year - 1st semester
Code Name ECTS
41041 Collective Feeding and Management 6
41040 Biostatistics II 4
41042 Diet Therapy II 6
41043 Artificial Nutrition 5
41044 Nutritional Policy 4
41039 Research Project 5
4th Year - 2nd semester
Code Name ECTS
41045 Internship 30