History of Medicine


General objectives:

To foster the humanistic side of the future physician by means of a proper knowledge of history of medicine.


Specific objectives:

To know the route of Medicine trough time, from pre-history to our days and to be able to relate the changes in Medicine with the historical times in which they took place.

To understand the hippocratical concepts and their importance as references to medical practice; to know the historical and social route of the profession and to understand, in each historical context, the role of the physician in society.

To learn Portuguese medical history (including the history of the Nova Medical School, in order to know the institution in which one will learn as a student).

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Responsible teacher

Prof. Doutor Pedro Soares Branco


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Basic Bibliography

Porter, Roy: The Greatest Gift to Mankind - A Medical History of Humanity from Antiquity to the Present. Harper Collins Publishers 1997.

Lesson texts (Moodle)

Teaching method

Theoretical lessons (duration: 50 minutes).

Evaluation method


Subject matter

1. The Roots of Medicine

2. Primitive Medicine

3. Ancient Medicine

4. Indian Medicine

5. Chinese Medicine

6. Hippocratic Medicine

7. Roman Medicine

8. Medieval Christian Medicine

9. Medieval Islamic Medicine

10. Renaissance Medicine

11. Enlightenment Medicine

12. Contemporary Medicine

13. History of Surgery

14. History of Psychiatry

15. Portuguese Medicine


Medicine in Nazi Germany


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