The general objectives of this course are: 1 - know and understand the basic principles of disease (causes, mechanisms, lesion processes); 2 - acquire skills of observation and deduction to be able to identify and interpret morphological changes, and the tissue, cellular and molecular events responsible for the different types of pathology; 3 - properly use the technical pathological vocabulary; 4 – acquisition, demonstration of knowledge and development of oral and written communication skills.

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Responsible teacher

Prof.ª Doutora Ana Félix


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This course has a pre-requisite discipline: Anatomy, Physiology and Histology and Embryology.


Livros de apoio:

Kumar V; Abbas AB; Fausto N; Aster JC
Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease
Saunders Elsevier, Philadelphia 2014, 9th edition

Material de apoio:

Estarão disponíveis no site do Departamento:
• Os sumários das aulas teóricas.
• O guia das aulas práticas
• O atlas das lâminas histológicas
• Um glossário em inglês
• O Atlas glossário

Teaching method

The practical classes are mandatory; therefore, a record of attendance will be kept in these classes. The teaching of this course includes: Lectures, Practical classes (Mi-croscopy - Histological sections; Tutorials; Autopsies; Macroscopy; Cases-problem; Hospital; Seminar - Pathology day).

Evaluation method

Practical evaluation (30% of the final mark) This mark will be obtain by •individual evaluation during tutorial classes(10%) •individual mid-term practical evaluation (10%) •individual evaluation on a final practical exam (10%). Final written assessment (70% of the final mark) Each student must achieve 10/20 points in each evaluation.

Subject matter

Introduction to the course and to the teaching model
Techniques and methods in Pathology
Causes of Disease
Cellular targets
Cellular  adaptation
Cellular  adaptation
Cell lesions
Morphology of cell lesion
Cellular death
Cellular death
Cellular accumulations
Acute inflammation
Chronic inflammation
Chronic inflammation
Tissue repair - regeneration
Tissue repair - scar and calcification
Edema Hemostasis  and Thrombosis
Obstacles to blood flow: thrombosis
Obstacles to blood flow: emboli
Obstacles to blood flow: artheriosclerosis
Ischemia; Infartaction
Extracellular pathology
Extracellular pathology
Neoplasms epidemiology
Genes and neoplasms
Genes and neoplasms
Neoplasms etiopathogeny
Neoplasms etiopathogeny
Tumoral progression
Tumoral progression
Morphological diagnosis of neoplasm
Morphological diagnosis of neoplasm
Evaluation of the course


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