Medical Management


- Knowledge and understanding of the National Health Service
- Acquiring capacities to select proper information about the different levels of decision
- Acquiring capacities at professional level at different levels of an health institution
- Acquiring competences that allow the student to reach the necessary capacities to act at intermediate and high level of administration

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Dr. Jorge Penedo


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- Campos L., Borges M., Portugal R. Governação dos Hospitais, Lisboa, Casa das Letras 2009

- Crisp N et all – Um Futuro para a Saúde, Lisboa Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, 2014

- Ribeiro J A M, Penedo Os cidadãos no centro da saúde, os profissionais no centro do sistema, Lisboa 2011

- Wright J. Clinical Governance, Churchill Livingstone, 2003


Teaching method

The unit will use a theoretical component and the analysis ans solution of clinical cases
There will be workshops oriented to the management of problems at the different levels of the institution

Evaluation method

- Continuous evaluation 20%
- Final evaluation (multiple choice test) 80%
- Participation in 80% of the classes

Subject matter

o Health Management and Clinical Governance (2h)
o What is the National Health System?
o The National Health Service (1h)
o Private model of Governance (1h)
o Social model of Governance (1h)
o How is the NHS financed (2h)
o How do we do health contractualization (2h)
o Primary care organization (1h)
o Integration of care in health care (1h)
o How to do strategic planning in health units (2h)
o Phisicians and leadership in health organizations (2h)
o Inovation. How to thin out of the box (2h)
o Health technology assessement (1h)
o How to increase the efficiency in health units (2h)
o How to avaliate and monitorise clinical activity (2h)
o Evidence based medicine and Clinical guidelines (2h)
o Risk in health care (2h)
o How to manage human resources (1h)
o Non clinical departements (1h)
o Clinical investigation (2h)
o How to communicate in health organizations (2h)


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