Translational Research Methodologies


Initiation of the students in the practice of basic and translational research in biomedicine. Execution of experimental techniques, evaluation of data and compilation of experiences with scientific rigor.
Acquisition of skills in scientific communication and planning of a scientific research Project.

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Responsible teacher

Prof.ª Doutora Jacinta Serpa


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The bibliography will be available along the UC and students will be directed to carry out literature.

Teaching method

LECTURES-Theoretical approach to the subjects listed in the "curriculum" of CU;
PRACTICAL LECTURES- presentation of works developed by students in the UC, and
PRACTICAL CLASSES- development of experimental work, whenever possible, students will contact with professionals who are active on issues that are addressed in UC.

Evaluation method

Evaluation Criteria
-Students are obliged to attend 2/3 of practical classes and obtain a minimum final grade of 9.5.

Methods of assessment
a) Abstract writing of a scientific article (30%)
b) Presentation and Discussion of papers (30%) 
c) Presentation and discussion of the final work (Project proposal; 40%)

Subject matter

• Paradigm of Science and Scientific Method

• Models in vitro and in vivo as tools of research in biomedicine

• Translational research

• Presentation and critique of scientific articles

• Planning a research project

• Presentation of a project proposal


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