Scientific Writing and Communication


The student should be able to:

·      Identify sources of funding f or clinical research;

·      Perform effectively search on funding sources;

·      Describe the structure of project funding applic ations (no cinical components);

·      Organize and develop all technical and no clinical aspects of the application;

·      Prepare the analysis of the study costs for budgeting, at the application stage;

·      Prepare the reports inherent to the organization, management, implementation and completion of the study (postfunding phase);

·      Plan and stru cture the writing of a scientific manuscripts based on clinical study results;

·      Elaborate scientific poster;

·      Plan and structure an oral presentation.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Bruno Miguel Alves Fernandes do Gago


Weekly - Available soon

Total - Available soon

Teaching language

Portuguese or English




·      Doumont, J.L. Scientifi c Communication (2016). Scitable by Nature Education. Disponível em:

·      Keshavan, N. (2014). Medical & Scientific Writing Paperback.ISBN: 15009 2226.

Teaching method

The teaching methodology is adapted to it’s classes (1S/2TP). Expository seminars, recurring whenever possible to the critical analysis of case-studies. The presented contents will be used in TP component in the elaboration of projects related with the CU contentes.

Evaluation method

The CU is development in a mix evaluation methodology with 1 written exam (40%) and 3 group projects (60%).

Subject matter

·      Pre -financing phase;

·      Post -financing phase - Periodic Reports of the study;

·      Medical Writing.


Programs where the course is taught: