Dissertation/ Project/ Internship


The Dissertation/Project/Internship of the Master degree is structured in order to emphasize the scien tific and technical aspects and to prepare the student for real working conditions. The student should be able of:

1- Demonstrate a deep knowledge of the several components of clinical research, and to define strategies for quality management of the implementation of clinical studies;

2- To plan and to apply the methodologies of data acquisition and the adequate statistical strategies and to analise and to apply the activities related with data management;

3- To identify funding sources and collaborate in writing proposals;

4- To assess the methodologies of processing and manipulation of samples and biobank management;

5- To formulate and to deal with complex questions and to integrate scientific knowledge;

6- To contribute to clinical research;

7- To develop the self-learning, research and information retrieval skills;

8- To demonstrate adequate communication and synthesis capacities.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Prof.ª Doutora Maria Teresa Ferreira Herdeiro / Doutora Nélia Gouveia


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Total - Available soon

Teaching language

Portugueses or English




- Farrell, B. and Kenyon, S. (2016). A Guide to Efficient Trial Management. On behalf of the UK Trial Managers' Network.

- Chow, S.C., Shao, J., and Wang, H. (2003). Sample size calculations in clinical research. Boca Raton: Taylor & Francis.

- Burns, L.R., Bradley, E.H., and Weiner, B.J. (2012) Shortell and Kaluzny´s Health Care Management, organization design and behavior. Clyfton Park, NY: Delmar, CENAGE Learning.

- Others accordingly with the theme of Dissertation/Project/Internsh ip.

Teaching method

The teaching/learning methodology will be complete ly hands-on. The student will acuire his skills in a a working environment, under the supervision of his external supervisor, but also by the discussion with other members of the team. The supervisor will play a major role by conducting the student into an adequate area as defined by his internal supervisor. The student will also acquire a significant experience through the participation in work meetings and presenting his own works performed during the internship.

Evaluation method

The student will present a written report documenting his w ork on the Dissertation/Project/Internship. The student will have the opportunity to make an oral presentation of the work. The supervisor will give information related to the performance of the student. The jury will decide considering if the student was able to accomplish all the objectives.

Subject matter

This UC is focused on the development of skills allowing the student to execute their Dissertation/Project/Internship.

The student will acquire soft skills related to work in a rel work environment. Besides, the student should be able of acquiring the necessary knowledges necessaries to execute the activities, tasks defined for this study cycle.

The course contents include:

·         To integrate a work group in a clinical research unit;

·         To develop general and specific objectives for his work;

·         To present a workplan;

·         To execute the tasks as defined in the workplan;

·         To present, discuss and defend his work;

·         To reinforce his individual skills necessary in a research environment;

·         To develop his portfolio.


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