Research Methods and Techniques


The overall aim of this course is to provide students with research competences and transferable skills necessary to design a scientific research project, including general laboratory techniques and methods used in biomedical research. The course includes a technically-oriented module on "Laboratory Techniques", in which experts will be presenting the most recent advances in various biomedical research techniques, particularly relevant in the context of basic, translational and clinical research. In the other two modules, the formal and scientific aspects of a grant proposal will be covered. In this context, the students in groups, integrating a multidisciplinary team of 3-4 people, will have to prepare a scientific grant proposal on a scientific field identified by the coordinators. These proposals will be further discussed and improved with the help of a panel of scientists specialists in the themes covered by the projects.

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Responsible teacher

Henrique Manuel Paixão dos Santos Girão


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Teaching method

Seminars and presentation and discussion of a scientific grant proposal.

Evaluation method

Evaluation will be based on the written proposal and its oral presentation.

Subject matter

1. How to design a novel and competitive grant proposal

2. Molecular mechanisms in metabolic disease

3. Research in neuropsychology of ageing

4. Clinic Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases

5. Animal models of ageing

6. Functional bioimaging

7. Cellular Bioimaging

8. Biostatistics

9. Foundations of genetic and chronic diseases

10. Clinical Trials and new therapeutic approaches

11. Neuropsychology evaluation and cognitive ageing.


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