Thesis Project


At the end of the first school year, together with their supervisor, the students should be capable of writing a structured and scientifically relevant research project proposal. The research proposal will be presented, in written form, and orally before a jury that includes, besides researchers/teachers of the Programme, a specialist in the field where the proposal is inserted that is external to the programme. Thus, within the scope of this curricular unit the students should acquire the skills necessary to design a research project proposal that will serve as the basis of their doctoral thesis proposal and that is scientifically relevant and respects the formal aspects of a research project. Given the interinstitutional nature of the programme, the students are strongly encouraged to find a project that includes at least two of the participating institutions, and a shared supervision.

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Responsible teacher

Henrique Manuel Paixão dos Santos Girão


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Scientifc papers.

Teaching method

With the help of their supervisors, the students will have to design a scientific research project proposal that will be presented in written and oral forms. Therefore, the student should read and critically evaluate the current literature of the field in which the project is inserted, as well as the more recent techniques appropriate for the analysis of the proposed hypotheses, using scientific articles published in the field.

Evaluation method

Evaluation shall be based on the written and oral presentations of the project. In cases where the nominated jury decides that the project does not meet the supposed and desired quality for a highly competitive project that follows the highest criteria of scientific demands, the proposal may have to be reformulated, taking into account the suggestions and criticisms of the jury. This presentation and defense of the project also has a learning and teaching component, since it allows the student to integrate the proposed changes into a new version.

Subject matter

At the end of the first school year, the students should already have identified a theme for their doctoral thesis project, as well as the supervisors and laboratories, with whom they shall carry out the research work. At this point of the program, the students should be capable of elaborating a scientific research proposal, centered on a new and pertinent question, practicable with the available human and technical resources, and within the time frame predicted for a doctoral work. Besides the scientific and technical aspects, the students should master more formal aspects of the proposal, respecting and "answering" in an adequate form, each of the sections that compose the proposal. Besides a written answer, the student will also have to orally present a "defense" of the project, before a jury made for this purpose, that will include teachers of the curricular unit and at least one specialist external to the program.


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