Political Theory and Political Analysis (Specialisation Seminar) - 2nd semester


The Seminar aims to consolidate the theoretical and methodological competences and knowledge acquired by students, applying them to the specific field of research on elites and political behaviour. At the end, students are expected to write an essay with (i) a solid justification of the conceptual framework and explanatory hypotheses of their PhD research purpose, and (ii) a critical review of the specialized literature on the subject. Afterwards, this essay should be part of the final version of the research project for the PhD dissertation to be discussed by a jury.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Tiago Roma Fernandes


Weekly - 2

Total - Available soon

Teaching language





A indicar no decurso das aulas.

Teaching method

Along with a few sessions for discussing general themes, students have an individual tutorial orientation, thus receiving direct feedback on their work in progress at regular meetings with the academic responsible.

Evaluation method

Evaluation is based on a written essay (15-20 pages).

Subject matter

Due to the prevalent tutorial orientation of the Seminar, the syllabus is flexible, being adjusted to the specific research purposes of the students. Usually, three major themes are presented and discussed in the sessions attended by all the students enrolled in the Seminar: (i) the transformation of inequality structures in contemporary societies; (ii) new trends in civic engagement (interest groups, social movements, and modes of protest, (iii) transformations of bureaucratic and representative institutions, and (iv) it’s implications for theories of democracy.


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