Themes and Issues in Political Science - 1st semester


To provide a broad understanding of the major theoretical developments in the field of Political Science, as well as the ´state of the art´ of the empirical research on some relevant themes and issues

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Responsible teacher

Pedro Tavares de Almeida


Weekly - 2

Total - Available soon

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BADIE (Bertrand), BERG-SCHLOSSER (Dirk) e MORLINO (Leonardo), dir., International Encyclopedia of Political Science, 8 vols., Thousand Oaks, Calif., Sage Publications, 2011.
DALTON (Russell J.) & KLINGEMANN (Hans-Dieter), dir., The Oxford Handbook of Political Behavior, Oxford, OUP, 2007.
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ROSE (Richard), dir., International Encyclopedia of Elections, Londres, 2000.

Teaching method

In class teaching

Evaluation method

Students will be evaluated on the basis of a written essay (c. 10 pages) on topics of the course syllabus. Regular attendance and active participation in the classes are taken into account (20%) for the final marks.

Subject matter

1ª sessão: – Welcome and Presentation.
2º sessão: – The Development of Political Science (I).
3ª sessão: The Development of Political Science (II).
4ª sessão: – Transformations of the Modern State
5ª sessão: – Civil Society and Democracy.
6ª sessão: – Elites and Leadership.
7ª sessão: – Patterns of Recruitment of Political Elites in Europe.
8ª sessão: – Party Governments in Europe.
9ª sessão: – Old and New Forms of Political Organisation and Participation.
10ª sessão: – Voting and Public Opinion.
11ª sessão: Theories of Representation. –
12ª sessão: Dilemmas of Representation in Contemporary Democracies.
13ª sessão: Presentation and Discussion of Term Paper Topics.
14ª sessão: Presentation and Discussion of Term Paper Topics . –


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