Contemporary History - 2nd semester


The seminar aims at developing advanced theoretical knowledge, enhancing the ability to plan and conduct research based on the plurality of sources and their suitability for the development of complex texts, at a third level of higher education knowledge. It is intended, in particular, that the students should develop the ability to: a) know how to identify the main sources and documental collections and know the main specialized bibliography, national and international, on Contemporary History; b) know how to use the historical concepts and the analytical categories suitable for research on Contemporary History; c) know the recent problematics of research and synthesis on Contemporary History; d) have the ability to apply the previous referred knowledge to the preparation of research at a doctoral level; e) The ability to formulate an original research topic and sustain it through a well-structured argument; f) Ability to communicate clearly and fluently the research results.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

José Neves


Weekly - 2

Total - Available soon

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Teaching method

Seminar, combining interventions of the responsible for the seminar with the participation of visiting researchers and the interventions of PHD students. Students, apart from an active and assiduous participation, make an oral and written presentation (10p.) on a topic or question related to the theme in which they wish to develop their research project.
The planning and scheduling of activities is defined, presented and distributed at the beginning of the academic cycle.

Evaluation method

The evaluation results from the participation in the seminars, the preparation and presentation of an oral and written work (10 pp.) on a topic or issue related with their research project and the preparation, presentation and discussion of critical analysis and reflection, state of the art, on the available historiography on the topic on which they wish to develop their research.
Tutorial follow up of the various elements of evaluation.

Subject matter

Presentation and discussion of themes, state of the art reflections in specific areas of contemporary historiography, open issues and analysis of recently completed research projects, underway or in preparation in the context of contemporary historiography, nationally and internationally, combining the intervention of the responsible for the seminar, the collaboration of experts, namely researchers from contemporary history research units, namely the Instituto de História Contemporânea and the collaboration of PHD students.


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