Final Course Assignment


The student must be able to
1.Apply to the development of a specific research proposal, in an interdisciplinary approach, the knowledges acquired on problematics and methodologies in History
2.Conceive and develop a research plan in one of the areas of the History field, in which he should display mastery of the relevant literature, and ability to select and treat information from different sources.
3.Be able to structure and communicate complex ideas in the scientific area of History and in the field of specialization of the student´s choice, both orally and in writing, to an audience of experts.
4.Be able to constructively debate over issues related to the in the student’s chosen special field, within the scientific area of History with both experts and non-experts.

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A bibliografia adapta-se às temáticas, problemáticas e metodologias dos estudantes que integram o programa no ano lectivo.
/Bibliograpny needs to be tailored according to the students needs in terms of topics, themes, problematics and methodologies

Teaching method

1.Discussion of individual dissertation projects.
2.Comment and interpretation of unpublished information with the participation of teachers and students.
3.Discussion of the results of the practical application of learnt methodologies to a problem specific to the area of urban studies.

Evaluation method

The evaluation of this seminar will be individual and focused on the presentation and public defense of the dissertation project, in accordance with the internal regulation of the doctoral study programme of FCSH.
The participation in the discussions in seminar can be taken as a valuing factor.

Subject matter

Presentation and group debate (lecturers and students) of the students individual research for the all the major different phases of individual progress. This aims at preparing in a closely assessed environment the planning of the doctoral thesys .


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