Research Seminar in Linguistics - 2nd semester


1. To problematize the underlying assumptions of the research in progress
2. To explain the stages of the research processes, promoting the application of appropriate concepts, methodologies and techniques;
3. To acquire the required instruments for the development of research, covering elements of data collection, analysis and use, as well as components of quantitative and qualitative analysis;
4. To apply methodological and theoretical knowledge that permits the deepening of questions directly related to the research in progress;
5. To be able to act proactively in interdisciplinary research contexts;

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Maria Antónia Coutinho


Weekly - 2

Total - Available soon

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A bibliografia será selecionada de acordo com os projetos de teses dos doutorandos, em consonância com os quadros teóricos e metodológicos de cada uma das aréas científicas envolvidas neste programa doutoral.

The bibliography will be within the PhD projects in progress, in accordance with the theoratical and methodological framworks of each of the scientific áreas involed in this doctoral program.

Teaching method

This discipline consists of tutorials which will allow each student the opportunity to discuss his or her research needs, interests, and the orientation they wish to confer on their work.

Evaluation method

The evaluation methodologies will be defined by the tutors offering the seminar in the context of the ongoing projects.

Subject matter

Sillabus will be defined by the research units offering the seminar as part of ongoing projects.


Programs where the course is taught: