Seminário de Especialidade em Globalização e Ambiente (not translated)


The purpose of this seminar is to assure that the PhD students acquire skills and competences, regarding the preparation of its plan of research of doctoral thesis in Globalization and Environment, through: (a) theoretical and methodological skills, through an in-depth knowledge of a specialized bibliography, both nationally and internationally; (b) capacity to formulate a research problem relevant under this disciplinary area and sustain it through a solid justification and argumentation; and (c) communication skills orientated to scientific debate.

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Baylis, John & Steve Smith (2001) The globalization of world politics: an introduction to international relations. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Dauvergne, Peter (2012) Handbook of global environmental politics. Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar.
Farrell, Mary, Björn Hettne & Luk van Langenhove (2005) Global politics of regionalism: theory and practice. London: Pluto Press.
Global Strategic Trends - Out to 2040, Strategic Trends Programme, 4ª ed. Ministry of Defence, Swindon, 2011
Mythen, Gabe (2004) Ulrich Beck: a critical introduction to the risk society. London: Pluto Press.
Sciubba, Jennifer Dabbs (2011) The future faces of war: population and national security. Santa Barbara, Calif: Praeger.

Teaching method

This Seminar applies complementary methodologies, namely (a) tutorial sessions, individual and/or small groups, being the latter organised according to thematic affinities within the
framework of the seminar; (b) thematic sessions with invited lecturers regarding an in-depth analysis on specific issues; and (c) plenary sessions in which individual research projects are
presented and discussed.

Evaluation method

The assessment is done through an individual report (80%) and regular attendance and participation in the sessions (20%).

Subject matter

At this Seminar it will be discussed the major issues regarding the scientific debate on Globalization and Environment in order to (i) identify and analyze the challenges, threats, risks and opportunities arising from Globalization and the current perception of risk; (ii) assess the major present risks and balances in a global world; (iii) the impact of political action and Community´s interactions, with a prospective approach, vis a vis sustainable development; (iv) identify the relations between power , security and identity; (v) to analyse the relation and mutual influence between State and local government and decentralization policies; (vi) enhancing new concepts of security (human security, energy security and health security) and (vii) to develop the concepts of environmental education, education for life, longlife learning and training for citizenship.


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