Methodologies of Research in International Relations - 1st semester


This seminar has four major objectives: (a) to acquire knowledge and methodological skills for delineating and managing integrated and scalable manner, the research project leading to the
doctoral thesis; (b) to transmit knowledge and understanding of the main technical options available for research in international relations, appropriate to the preparation of the thesis; (c) to develop capacities to structure and manage research projects; and (d) to provide each student with the ability of reflective and critical discussion and presentation of research projects.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Teresa Rodrigues


Weekly - 2

Total - Available soon

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Bennett, Andrew & Colin Elman (2007) \"Case Study Methods in the International Relations Subfield\". In Comparative Political Studies 40 (2) : 170-195.
Collier, David org (2008) Handbook of Political Methodology. Oxford : OUP.
Delanty, Gerard & Piet Strydom (2003) Philosophies of Social Science: The Classic and Contemporary Readings. Maidenhead, England: Open University.
Della Porta, Donatella & Michael Keating (2008) Approaches and methodologies in the social sciences. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Lebow, Richard Ned & Mark Irving Lichbach (2007) Theory and evidence in comparative politics and international relations. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.
Parsons, Craig (2007) How to Map Arguments in Political Science. Oxford : OUP.

Teaching method

The seminar mainly orientated for empirical research. This purpose is reflected in the individual assessment items, which are divided into several phases.

Evaluation method

Attendance and participation in the sessions (10%); Executive Summary (10%); presentation of individual progress report (30%); written report, in accordance with the FCSH ‘s model (50%).

Subject matter

The Seminar is organised into weekly sessions. In each one it will be presented the relevant information and methodologies, in order that PhD students can deepen: (a) the specialized
research´s parameters in the scientific area of International Relations; (b) models of analysis that are available and already tested in different areas of specialization of International
Relations; (c) technical options available for research in International Relations; and d) the capacity for applied research projects and structuring individual PhD theses.


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