Seminário de Especialidade em Território e Desenvolvimento (not translated) - 2nd semester


a) To know, reflect and foresee the role of geographical concentration in contemporary world.
b) To understand the relations between population evolutions and movements and territorial sustainable development.
c) To analyse and interpret the philosophy and concepts of “municipality socialism” and “territorial entrepreneurship\".
d) To evaluate the governance concept evolution at local and regional scales, its direct effects and territorial consequences.
e) To assess Globalisation territorial impacts on social exclusion and poverty.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Maria Regina Salvador


Weekly - 2

Total - Available soon

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Blakely, E.J. & Bradshaw, T. (2002). Planning Local Economic Development. Theory and Practice. London.Sage Publications.

Claval, P. (2001). Competitivité Territoriale et Mondialisation. GeoInova,Revista do departamento de Geografia e Planeamento Regional, 3, 11-32.

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Turok, Ivan (2000). The Role of Local Development Policies. In D. Shaw, P. Roberts, J. Walsh (Ed.), Regional Planning and Development in Europe. Burlington: Ashgate.

Teaching method

Expositive and participative classes

Evaluation method

Reading of thematic texts.
A scientific paper, resulting from autonomous work [80% evaluation].
Oral presentation about a topic related with the program [20% evaluation].

Subject matter

1) The role of geographical concentration in contemporary world
2) Clusters and local and regional development
3) Population, sustainability and development
4) Territorial competitiveness, innovation, entrepreneurship and resilience
5) Governance at local and regional scales
6) Poverty and social exclusion.


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