Introduction to Egipt Archaeology


1. Know the main and most current historiographical interpretations relating the studied themes.
2. Know the major historical documents and be able to analyze and interpret them, understanding them in their historical context.
3. Know the main archaeological sites in egypt, the main institutions and museums.
4. Develop oral and written skills, integrating the main concepts and the appropriate terminology.
5. Acquire knowledge and skills that enable a deeper study of Egyptian Archaeology.

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BARD, K. A. (dir.), Encyclopedia of the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt, London & New York, 1999.
BREWER, D. J., The Archaeology of Ancient Egypt Beyond Pharaohs, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2012.
BUNSON, M., Encyclopedia of the Ancient Egypt, New York, Infobase Publishing, 2012.
WENDRICH, W. (ed.), Egyptian Archaeology, Chichester, Wiley, Blackwell, 2010.
WILKINSON, R. H. (ed.) Egyptology Today, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2008.

Teaching method

- Exposition of the syllabus in theorical and practical lessons using powerpoints.
- Didactic support in summaries (syntheses), powerpoints, documents, etc.
- Comment on iconographic and textual sources in practical lessons. Debates in the sequence of films or workshops.

Evaluation method

Three written evaluation elements:
one test and two group works;
oral presentation of the elaborated works with evaluation on the individual accomplishment.

Subject matter

1. History of egyptian archaeology
1.1. From Antiquity to the 17th century
1.2. The collectors: 17th – 18th centuries
1.3. The “exploitation” of Egypt
1.4. Early 20th century digs
1.5. Archaeological work today
2. Main archaeological sites in Egypt
2.1. From Pre-history to Roman Period
3. Archaeological Institutes, Investigation and Teaching Institutions
3.1. In Egypt, in Europe, in America, etc
4. Main Museums
4.1. In Egypt
4.2. In Europe
4.3. In the United States of America


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