Fernando Pessoa Studies - 1st semester


a) To promote the knowledge of multiple work of Fernando Pessoa within the literary, cultural and artistic context of Modernism.
b) To recognize the extent of his poetic adventure as an understanding of the literary traditions.
c) To analyze the combination, within his work, of multiple philosophical, scientific and political understandings.
d) To enhance the ability to read and analyze Pessoa’s poetic texts as examples of complexity.
e) To develop the ability to comprehend the typical qualities of Pessoa´s imagination.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Maria Manuela Parreira da Silva


Weekly - 4

Total - Available soon

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Martins Fontes, 1982.

Teaching method

Classes will have a strong practical component. Text reading and analysis, in some cases done by the students, will play an important role. Theoretical moments will be reserved for the literary, cultural and artistic framing of Pessoa’s work, as well as for the systematizations that will occur following text analysis.

Evaluation method

In what concerns evaluation, the participation of students in classes will be taken into account (20%). The students will also do a written test, in presence, with consultation, corresponding to 60%, and a small research work about a theme that will be agreed upon and that will be supervised by the professor (20%).

Subject matter

1. Fernando Pessoa: an (in)possible and (un)desirable biography

2. From the “prophetic” time of A Águia to the construction of Mensagem

3. Heteronomy and “pretending” – theory(ies) and practice

3.1. Sensationism and neo-paganism: the stages of Orpheu and Athena
3.2. The “twin” Alexander Search and the “ex-fool” António Mora
3.3. The “disquiet\" of Bernardo Soares
3.4. Staging and the emergence of the myth.

4. Global readings of the work of Fernando Pessoa


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