Ontology Themes - 1st semester


Acquire increased proficiency in:
a) understanding the meaning and specificity of Ontology as a major component of philosophical tradition and a current field of research;
b) understanding why Ontology is the sought after science (zêtoumenê epistêmê);
c) understanding the interlinking between Ontology and the other branches of philosophy;
d) understanding the interlinking between Ontology and the various branches of science;
e) understanding the various approaches that have been taken in trying to provide an answer to ontological questions and to reach the zêtoumenê êpistemê;
f) understanding that the zêtoumenê epistêmê may perhaps remain out of reach;
g) understanding the most important ontological concepts;
h) understanding, comparing and using these concepts critically and independently;

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Nuno da Rosa Ferro


Weekly - 4

Total - Available soon

Teaching language



Not applicable


KIERKEGAARD, S., Joahnnes Climacus ou De Omnibus Dubitandum Est;
Bocados de Filosofia;
O Conceito de Angústia;
Doença para a Morte.

Indicações sobre as edições e bibliografia secundária serão apresentadas no decorrer das aulas

Teaching method

Course of theoretical-practical character. The methodology used combines a theoretical examination of questions and the interpretation of texts. Analysis of and commenting on the texts in question.

Evaluation method

Proof of attendance (2/3 of rating) and a written work to be discussed with the lecturer (1/3)

Subject matter

Being and existence in the work of Kierkegaard

The originality of the concept of \"existence\". What is the meaning of \"to exist\"? The concept of synthesis of \"reality\" and \"ideality\" and its meaning. Priority of the synthesis and the subordination of its terms. Synthesis and \"interest\". The concept of \"interest\". Completeness and openness in the synthesis. To be and to exist. Existence and the system; logic and existence and the meaning of the polemics with Hegel about the system, mediation and movement.
What´s the interest of all of this to the meaning of \"my existence\".


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