Sociologia da Arte


1. To develop in-depth knowledge of the disciplinary field of sociology of art, the debates structuring it as well as its historical articulations
2. To articulate a set of relations between the fields of sociology of art, art history and artistic production
3. To develop critical perspectives regarding historically situated relations between artistic production and social organization through the study of this discipline
4. To develop the ability to read theoretical and historical texts associated to the sociology of art in a critical and reasoned form
5. To approach the main issues debated by sociology of art in a larger cultural context and in an interdisciplinary frame

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Weekly - 4

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HEINICH, Natalie, Ce que l’Art fait à la Sociologie. Paris: Minuit, 1998
BENJAMIN, Walter, Sobre Arte, Técnica, Linguagem e Política. Lisboa: Relógio de’Água, 1992
Colloque International de Sociologie de l’art [Marselha, 1985] (dir. Raymonde Moulin). Paris: La Documentation Française, 1986
BOURDIEU, Pierre, La Distinction: critique sociale du jugement. Paris: Minuit, 1979
La Sociologie de l’Art et sa vocation interdisciplinaire [comunicações apresentadas ao I Colloque International du Centre Pierre Francastel]. Lisboa: FCG, 1974 (nº18 e 19 da Colóquio Artes)

Teaching method

Each session is structured in two parts. During the first part, the lecturer introduces to the students relevant concepts and issues in the field of the sociology of art. The second part is dedicated to the analysis and discussion of key texts associated to this discipline, pre-appointed by the lecturer and prepared by the students.

Evaluation method

The assessment of this course is based on two components:
1. Presentation and discussion of a text during the sessions (25%)
2. Final examination (75%)

Subject matter

1. Sociology of art as a disciplinary field historically and theoretically constructed
2. Marxist tradition in the sociological and cultural field
3. The social history of art and its recent developments
4. The work of sociologist Pierre Bourdieu
5. The work of Pierre Francastel and José Augusto França
6. Recent perspectives on the sociology of art and interdisciplinary articulations


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