Surveys and Market Studies - 1st semester


1. Understand the framework of the marketing research function in the organization. 2. Understand the importance of information sources and their articulation. 3. Being able to recognize the importance of documentary research, knowing how to select it and analyze it. 4. Knowing the existing methodologies and their practical applications. 5. Knowing the potential of market studies from the perspective of marketing. 6. Prepare a briefing for the realization of a market study. 7. Recognizing the need for a project plan and to know how to draw it in terms of research - Conduct a process of marketing research. 8. Meet several types of studies in the existing market and knowing how to adjust them correctly to requests from the marketing área. 9. Meet the functionality of market research and to be able to decide on the relative importance of each study for the management of marketing.

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Aaker, D., Kumar, V., & Day, G.S. (1998). Marketing research. John Wiley & Sons. Kinnear, T., & Taylor, J. (1996). Marketing research: a applied approach. McGraw-Hill. Sudman, S., & Blair, E (1998). Marketing research: a problem-solving approach. McGraw-Hill.

Teaching method

Theoretical lectures present the knowledge and structure the understanding of organizational contexts, concepts and tools, planning logic and ethical and deontological norms of market studies. Practical classes promote application skills through exercises and continuous monitoring of group work.

Evaluation method

These learning achievements are evaluated by a written test and the clarity of their exposure and use in writing group assignment. The application skills necessary for professional practice are assessed by the results of the group assignment and the discussion of their results with the lecturer.

Subject matter

1 - Marketing information systems and market research 2 - Nature and scope of marketing research / market research 3.1 - Documental 3.2 - Quantitative 3.3 - Qualitative 4 - How to plan and implement a market study 4.1 - The design phase of the project 4.1.1 - Definition of the problem 4.1.2 - Definition of the type of study 4.1.3 - Definition of the universe 4.1.4 - Definition of methods and techniques to deal 4.1.5 - Sample design 4.1.6 - Design of the questionnaire 4.1.7 - Definition of timings and cost of implementation 4.2 - The phase of the implementation project 4.2.1 - Pre- test questionnaire 4.2.2 - Fieldwork and supervision 4.2.3 - Processing the information gathered 4.2.4 - Analysis of the information collected 4.2.5 - Final report : Presentation / dissemination 5 - Types and functions of market research - THEMATIC AREAS 6 - Types of market research - METHODOLOGIES 7 - Standards , ethics and deontology 8 - Decision process for the implementation of market research.


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