Análise Compreensiva (not translated)


a) a) To understand the theoretical and technical aspects of comprehensive analysis methodologies;
b) Ability to plan and manage a comprehensive field research;
c) Ability to collect and organize qualitative data for comprehensive analysis;
d) Ability to use several methodological tools
e) Ability to expose in a rigorous and meaningful way the results of a comprehensive analysis

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Miles, M.B. & Huberman, A.M. (1994). Qualitative data analysis: An expanded source book. Lomdon: Sage .
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Teaching method

Lectures on theoretical and technical subjects;
Exercises in analysis in pratical classwork on materials provided by the professor and the students.

Evaluation method

Evaluation methods:
Assignements for students to collect and organise materials for analysis, using some of the procedures they are learning (50%) and presentation and discussion in class (10%);
Exercises in analysis in practical classwork (20%); One written test in class (20%).

Subject matter

I - Introduction to comprehensive analysis
II - Methods - the interview
III - Methods - ethnography
IV - Methods - visual interpretation
V - Methods - content analysis
VI - Comprehensive Research - concluding remarks


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