History of the Cinema - 1st semester


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Responsible teacher

Pedro Miguel Ferreira Florêncio


Weekly - 4

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MONACO, James, How to read a film: the world of movies, media and multimedia: art, technology, language, history, theory, New York, Oxford University Press, 2000, 672 p.
THOMPSON, Kristin/BORDWELL, David, Film History: an introduction, Boston, McGraw Hill Higher Education, 2003, 788 p.
MUSSER,, Charles, The Emergence of Cinema (principalmente cap. 11 a 15) e Bowser, Eileen, The ransformation of Cinema (principalmente cap. 4, 6, 14 e 15), Volumes I e II de History of the American Cinema, Berkeley, Univ. of California Press, 1994
BORDWELL, David, On the History of Film Style, Harvard Univ. Press, 1997
MAST, Gerald, Cohen, Marshall (eds.), Film Theory and Criticism – Introductory Readings (principalmente os dois cap. iniciais), Oxford Univ. Press, 1985

Teaching method

In each class one follows a theoretical and practical approach (approximately 60% - 40%). The theoretical side develops the issues covered in the Syllabus through presentation by the teacher. The practical side includes viewing of films and film excerpts, film analysis conducted by the teacher and collective discussion. Some historically relevant texts from the course’s bibliography may also be discussed in class.

Evaluation method

One individual paper. The individual paper concerns a free subject to be chosen by the student in the context of the Syllabus.

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