Fotojornalismo: História, Teoria e Prática (not translated)


1) Acknowledging the main core marks of the History of Photojournalism from its origins to contemporary and its reltionship with the History of Photographic techniques;
2) Acknowledging different styles not only in an evolutionay perspective, but also in a transversal scope, and the differeny strategies they imply;
3) Identifying theoretical problems at work in photojournalism, namely the relationship between media, communication and globalization, through a panoply of critical texts;
4) Constructing a coehrent photojournalistic portfolio;
5) Being able of explain the portfolio critically:

General characterization





Responsible teacher

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Weekly - 4

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Teaching method

Open exposition by the teacher, text discussion under previous assigment.
In class teaching

Evaluation method

Written test: 7
Text presentation in class (under inscription): 3
Presentation of the sum of pratical exercices assigned: 2
Digital Portfolio, presented in class: 8

Subject matter

A historical and theoretichal approach of most important periods of photojournalism since its origins (Jacob Rijs, Lewis Hine, Joshua Benoliel) until today will be the main focus of this discipline. Attention will be done to digital revolution impact in photojournalism and in the photoreporter job.
All along the semester, students must also prepare a photodocuemtnal portfolio which will be part of the evalution process.


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