English Victorian Literature - 1st semester


General characterization





Responsible teacher

Teresa Pinto Coelho


Weekly - 4

Total - Available soon

Teaching language





BOEHMER, Elleke, Colonial & Postcolonial Literature. Migrant Metaphors (Oxford / New York: Oxford University Press, 1995 / 2nd ed. 2005).
COELHO,Teresa Pinto, \"Dr Jekyll´s and Mr Hyde´s London and the Portuguese\", in António Apolinário Lourenço et alli (eds.), O Século do Romance. Realismo e Naturalismo na Ficção Oitocentista (Centro de Literatura Portuguesa: Universidade de Coimbra, 2013), pp. 143-151.
COELHO, Teresa Pinto, Ilhas, Batalhas e Aventura. Imagens de África no Romance de Império Britânico do Último Quartel do Século XIX e Início do Século XX (Lisboa: Colibri, 2004).
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SMITH, Andrew, Medicine, Masculinity and the Gothic at the Fin-de-Siècle (Manchester and New York: Manchester University Press, 2004).

Teaching method

- Lectures, critical reading of texts and class debate - 50%
- Presentation and discussion in class of oral group projects and orientated research - 50%

Evaluation method

- oral group projects - 50 % of the final mark
- final written test - 50% of the final mark

Subject matter

I- Introduction to Victorian Britain
1.1. Victorian values and the middle class
1.2. Duplicities / complementarities
1.3. The imperial question and the Scramble for Africa
II - The Victorian Other(s)
2.1. The internal Other(s): Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
2.2. The Oriental Other: Dracula
2.3. The African Other and the novel of empire
2.3.1. Introduction to the novel of empire
2.3.2. She: From imperial gothic to reverse colonization
2.3.3. (Post)colonial discourse in Heart of Darkness
III - Towards a comparison of the novels to be studied