German B2.2 - 1st semester


a) The student should understand the main idea of a text about abstract and concrete themes, including technical discussions in special areas.
b) The user is able to communicate with a certain spontaneity and naturality with native speakers, without showing stress on both sides.
c) The student is able to express himself in a clear and detailed way about a variety of themes.
d) He/ She is also able to show a point of view of a current subject, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of different possibilities

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Rolf Jürgen Kowitsch


Weekly - 4

Total - Available soon

Teaching language



German B2.1


Fokus Deutsch. Erfolgreich in Alltag und Beruf. B2 Kurs- und Übungsbuch. Berlin: Cornelsen, 2. Aufl. 2018
Buscha, A.; Szita, S.; Raven, S.: C Grammatik. Übungsgrammatik Deutsch als Fremdsprache. Leipzig: Schubert, 2013
Wahrig-Burfeind, Dr. R.: Wahrig Großwörterbuch Deutsch als Fremdsprache. Gütersloh/München: Wissen Media, und Berlin: Cornelsen, 2008
Tatsachen über Deutschland: Frankfurt am Main: Societäts_verlag in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Auswärtigen Amt Berlin

Teaching method

Practical Lessons: 100%
The teaching method used is communication in order to interact and stimulate a more autonomous learning. An intercultural approach which wakes up the student’s consciousness for a better cultural understanding. Doing tasks which train linguistic and extra linguistic skills.

Evaluation method

The evaluation method used is continuous assessment ( including tests, assessment, participation in class).

Subject matter

Vocabulary and special information about the following subjects: Nature, knowledge, learning end memory, learning from life-experiences, feelings and emotions, work , interculturality
Structure: use of modal verbs, substantives, verbs and adjectives with prepositions, other forms to use passive voice, participle I and II ( attributive use)
Methods: Reading comprehension of complex texts, listening comprehension, audiovisual material, writing texts, discussions and presentations, presenting arguments ( defending a point of view).