International Relations Theory - 1st semester


We try to make the students aware of the theoretical fundaments of International Relations, in analytical as well as in historical terms, stressing the long historical process that prepares and develops the theory of international relations, until the birth of the subject strictu sensu, already on the XX century.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Ana Santos Pinto, António Horta Fernandes, Rui Fernando Pires Henrique Santos


Weekly - 4

Total - Available soon

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Attending classes


a) MORGENTHAU, Hans, Politics among Nations, Nova York, 1948
b) ARON, Raymond, Paix et guerre entre les nations. Paris, Calmann-Lévy, 1962
c) WALTZ, Kenneth, Theory of International Politics, Nova York, McGraw-Hill, 1979
d) BULL, Hedley, The Anarchical Society, Nova York, Columbia University Press, 1977

Teaching method

The canonical magisterial exposure, with dialogue.

Evaluation method

One or two semestrial tests, allowing consultation.

Subject matter

1. Espistemological references. Definiton of the field.
2. Iberic School of Peace and the natural law
3. Maquavel
4. Bodin and the sovereignity
5. Study on Sovereignity
6.Grotius and International Law
7. Hobbes and State of Nature
8. Westephalia Scenarios
9. Kant and the Perpetual Peace
10. The Federalist Papers
11. Hegel and the concept of progress
12. Ranke and the Nationalism
13. Geopolitics Projects and the International Relations
14. The Realism
15. The idealism and the Constructivism