Globalization and the Environment


a) Acquire general skills to recognize the progress of globalization and environmental issues and their consequences in international relations from the main current theoretical frameworks.
b) Ability to acquire structural analysis of existing risks and identify possible instruments to respond in a world increasingly global.
c) Identify States strategies and actions other actors in the contemporary international scene.

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Teaching method

The COURSE will be taught using the b-learning teaching method, which includes the presentation of the subjects by teachers in the classroom, and the students ´ self-study, through the provision of study material, available in Moodle platform.

Evaluation method

40% written test; 15% work Group 1; 35% group 2. Students must attend all the lectures, except where legally required (10%).

Subject matter

This unit encourages debate on the concept of globalization and its various aspects, in general, and on environmental issues, in particular. Evaluates the impact of recent changes in international relations due to the process of growing interdependencies generated by globalization with its impacts on theoretical and practical level.
It is organized in four modules:
1st Module - Globalization and Environment: Historical Context & Interpretation in the light of International Relations;
2nd Module - The Challenges of Globalization and the Environment - Risks and International Affairs;
3rdModule - Possible Response Instruments;
4thModule -Presentation of Research Works (Assessment) .


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