Dissertation in Portuguese Language as a Second or Foreign Language


In the Master’s Dissertation in Portuguese as a Second and as a Foreign Language the research focus can relate to any of the Seminars followed by the students and consists of original research with the appropriate width and depth.
It should include the following steps:
i) Analysis and critical interpretation of the readings concerning the chosen theme, for an updated state-of-the-art;
ii) Formulation of a problem or relevant research question, through validated methodologies, in order to contribute to general knowledge in the chosen topic;
iii) Recollection, analysis and treatment of data;
iv) Written production of the dissertation according to the current academic norms.
The student should also prepare for the public presentation and discussion of the dissertation with a focus on the importance of the results achieved and on the relevance of the topic chosen.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

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Teaching language



Adequate completion of the 1st year course units, corresponding to 60 ECTS.


Não se aplica por se tratar de um seminário de acompanhamento da realização da componente não lectiva. O orientador poderá propor leituras pertinentes em função dos objectos e temáticas de pesquisa dos estudantes.
It does not apply since this is a follow-up seminar. The supervisor may suggest specific readings relating to the students´ research.

Teaching method

A master thesis is oriented by one of the courses academic staff, following the principles of tutorial supervision previewed in the regulation of the master course.

Evaluation method

Evaluation consists of a public defense before a jury.

Subject matter

The student´s’ supervision articulates with the knowledge acquired during the curricular seminars and provides
the necessary feedback for the improvement of the dissertation.


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