Work Project in Portuguese Language as a Second and Foreign Language


i) Identification of the research focus (theme and problems);
ii) Analysis and critical interpretation of the readings concerning the chosen theme, for an updated state-of-theart;
iii) Formulation of a problem and, or, of relevant research questions, through validated methodologies;
iv) Preparation of the appropriate methodology, with a focus on the data to be collected and on the necessary procedures to accomplish its recollection and analysis;
v) Presentation of the human and material resources for the completion of the project;
vi) Written production of the project according to the current academic norms.

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Adequate completion of the 1st year course units, corresponding to 60 ECTS.


Depende da natureza de cada investigação.
Contingent on the subject of each research project.

Teaching method

The work project is supervised by one of the professors of the course, following the principles of tutorial supervision as per the regulation of the Masters course.

Evaluation method

Public defense of master work project.

Subject matter

Students will carry out a project work of approximately 50 pages that should follow one out of two paths: i) Plan of intervention, as per the identification of a practical problem related to the social reality pertaining to the Masters Course; ii) Development of new products/services related to the Masters’ contents (i.e., editorial plans,
technical and analytical tools for decision support, training, consulting, support to citizens or groups with special needs, textbooks, manuals, thematic sites).
The project work will have the form of an essay describing the project’s objectives and (s) context(s) of application, identifying potential target groups, analyzing and interpreting scientific and technical literature regarding the scope of the project, presenting the results and justifying material and human resources allocated for its implementation.


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