Trabalho de Projecto em Novos Media e Práticas Web (not translated)


1. Acquire language, methodological and cultural skills, enabling students to pursue their academic
performance or start a career.
2. Make an original research.
3. Conduct a survey on the relevant \"state of art\" in the scientific area in which the work is presented.
4. Learning to organize ideas and present results in a clear and rigorous way.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

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Teaching language



The student can only enroll in the dissertation, project or internship of the second cycle, after having enrolled and satisfactorly completed all curricular units from study plan (60 ECTS).


Depende da natureza de cada investigação.

Teaching method

The project work is supervised by a teacher of the course, with contact hours.

Evaluation method

Final project work of the course will be assessed in public examinations under the rules of the course.

Subject matter

The work project of this Cycle Studies is the result of a substantial research that deepens the work done in the
teaching component. Students will normally be oriented according to the rules of the course.


Programs where the course is taught: