Seminário de Acompanhamento Dissertação/Estágio com Relatório/trabalho Projeto em Estudos Portugueses (not translated)


Support students in the conception and appropriate development of their Master thesis, Work Project and Internship with Report, namely in order to the establishment of working plans and their chronogram.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

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Weekly - 1,5 letivas + 0,5 tutorial

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Adequate completion of the 1st year course units, corresponding to 60 ECTS.


Não se aplica por se tratar de um seminário de acompanhamento da realização da componente não lectiva. O orientador poderá propor leituras pertinentes em função dos objectos e temáticas de pesquisa dos estudantes.
Not applicable because it is a follow-up seminar. The supervisor may suggest relevant readings in terms of objects and subjects of students´ research.

Teaching method

This curricular unit implies the existence of classes on specific topics in the area of research methodologies and presentation of scientific results in the field of the course.

Evaluation method

The evaluation matches the appreciation of a chapter or an activity report, elaborated by students about the research made in the scope of the seminar. This review will be weighted in the final grade of the master thesis or report.

Subject matter

Students supervision of the masters’ non teaching component, articulating knowledge from classes given primarily with the final works leading to the final award of the master´s degree.


Programs where the course is taught: