Work Project


It is intended that the student will: 1. Develop knowledge and methodological skills to design and manage in an integrated and progressing way, a research project. 2. Compile a relevant state of art regarding the students’ area of investigation. 3. Acquire capacity to present and discuss in a critical and reflective way a research project. 4. Acquire methodological and cultural skills, allowing students to develop their academic performance or start a professional career in the area.

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Depende da natureza de cada investigação.
Depends on the subject of each research.

Teaching method

Work Project is oriented by one of the courses academic staff, following the principles of tutorial supervision previewed in the regulation of the master course. In some cases the student may also have co-supervisor, from the FCSH or external, when the specificity of the topic of work justifies it.

Evaluation method

Subject matter

The work project is one way foreseen in the legislation to finalize the Master in Human Ecology. Students will carry out a work project according to one out of two alternatives: 1. Designing a research project dealing a theme relevant to the human ecology area of specialization, appropriated to conduct a research leading to a doctoral degree. 2. In specific situations, design and development of an original application needed to respond to social, cultural and /or economic purposes. The work project will be shown as a descriptive essay written by the student describing the project objectives and (s) context (s) of application, identifying potential target groups, analyzing and interpreting scientific and technical literature regarding the scope of the project, presenting the results and justifying material and human resources allocated for its implementation.


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