Dissertação em Ciência Política e Relações Internacionais (not translated)


- Analyze and critically interpret the scientific literature on the topic to be studied so as to establish the state of the question;
-Formulate a problem or an issue so that, through scientifically validated methodologies, the degree of knowledge on the problem chosen can be improved;
- Collect, analyze and process the data;
- Write a dissertation according to the established canonical norms of the scientific area;
- Prepare the public discussion of the research results and the presentation of its relevance to the clarification of the issues studied.

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Responsible teacher

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The student can only enroll in the dissertation, project or internship of the second cycle, after having enrolled and satisfactorily completed all curricular units from study plan (60 ECTS).


Bibliografia específica adequada à dissertação de cada estudante.
Dependent on the nature of each student’s dissertation project.

Teaching method

Regular meetings between the student and the dissertation supervisor; participation in scientific events; good use of on-line data bases and libraries. Students will be guided by a professor of the study cycle responsible accompanying the dissertation. The student will keep frequent contact with his/her supervisor until the thesis is ready to be presented.

Evaluation method

Thesis will be evaluated in public defense before a jury, according to the study cycle rules.

Subject matter

The student will carry on advanced research on his/her subject matter, therefore the syllabus will depend on the researched topics and the specific analytical perspectives and bibliography will be given within the individual tutorial sessions.