History - Contemporary History

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Masters in History

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Academic Regulation for curricular units evaluation is available at intranet. Students at FCSH/NOVA are evaluated based on the work developed over a semester, based on class participation, presentation of written and oral tests and examinations. The result obtained either by continuous assessment or evaluation of the tests is expressed on a scale of 0 to 20. To be approved, students must have at least 10 points to pass, however, who fail have a second chance to repeat the exams. Repeat exam: Has access any student of 1st or 2nd cycle who has obtained the minimum grade of eight values per rounding in the final grade of the curricular unit. SPECIAL PROCEDURES FOR EVALUATION: - Worker-Student - Students with the status of top athletes - Mothers and fathers students - Associative leaders - Military - Other special arrangements provided legally. Students with special needs can benefit from teaching and learning conditions to meet their needs.


Code Name ECTS
722051293 Supervision Seminar - 1st semester 5
Elective option 1
Code Name ECTS
722051269 The African Cycle of the Empire: Colonialism, War and Decolonization in Contemporary Portugal - 2nd semester 10
722051281 Economy, Society and Innovation in the Modern World - 1st semester 10
722051282 Comparative History of European Colonialism in the 19th century - 1st semester 10
722051286 History of Modern Political Ideas - 1st semester 10
722051288 History of Modern and Contemporary Revolutions - 2nd semester 10
722051284 História Politica do Liberalismo em Portugal (not translated) - 2nd semester 10
722051280 Metodologias em História Contemporânea (not translated) 10
722051135 Modernity and Tradition: Issues of Cultural Modernity in Contemporary Portugal 10
722051270 Portugal and Wars in the 20th century 10
722051287 Portugal e Espanha na Época Contemporânea (not translated) 10
722051160 Problematics of Economic and Social Modernity in Contemporary Portugal - 2nd semester 10
722051283 The Problem of Modernity in Portugal. From the Monarchy to the Republic 10
722051161 Problematics of Political Modernity in 20th Century Portugal: Republic, Estado Novo, Revolution - 1st semester 10
Elective option 2
Code Name ECTS
722051300 Dissertação em História - História Contemporânea (not translated) 55
722051301 Estágio com Relatório em História - História Contemporânea (not translated) 55
722051302 Trabalho de Projecto em História - História Contemporânea (not translated) 55