Ordenamento e Gestão da Zona Costeira (not translated) - 2nd semester


a) To increase the knowledge of the coastal zone, featuring their own characteristics;
b) To know how to analyze the complexity of relations established in the use and conflicts of coastal areas;
c) To know how to apply methodologies and spatial analysis techniques, diagnosis and foresight;
d) To be able to interpret and evaluate the different planning processes and management models of the Coastal Zone at different scales (European, National and Regional);
e) To have the knowledge to develop, evaluate and present proposals for intervention in planning at Coastal Zone.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Carlos Pereira da Silva


Weekly - 3 letivas + 1 tutorial

Total - Available soon

Teaching language





Barragan, J.M. (2014). Política, Gestión y Litoral. Una nueva vision de la Gestion Integrada de Áreas Litorales. Madrid: Editorial Tébar Flores.

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Teaching method

- Expositive and participatory classes (debate);
- Group work;
- Analysis of selected readings;
- Discussion of case studies;
- Field trip with submission of report;
- Siimulation exercises (Role Play).

Evaluation method

- Reading of a set of texts selected in conjunction with the material presented in the lectures. The contents will be assessed through a written test / or development of a project work. [50%]
- Group practical exercises to apply knowledge fwith real world simulation situations [15%]
- Preparation of an article or critical review 5-10 pages [20%]
- Preparation of report of fieldtrip 5-10 pages of study. [10%]

Subject matter

1) The Coastal Zone (ZC)
1.1 The concept of coastal zone
1.2 The specificities of coastal zones
1.3. The dynamics and functioning of coastal areas
1.4 The main problems of coastal areas
2) Coastal Zone Management
2.1. The concept of management of the ZC
2.2. The evolution of ZC Management
2.3. The need for an Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)
2.4. The implementation of a process of ICM
3) The Management and Planning of the European coastal zone
3.1. The European Coastal Zone
3.2. The main problems and potential of the European coastal zone
3.3. Examples of Coastal Zone Management in Europe
3.4. The Coastal Zone Management to the supranational EU level
4) Integrated Coastal Zone in Portugal
4.1 The Coastal Zone of Portugal. Features, Possibilities and Problems
4.2 The Evolution of Integrated Coastal Zone in Portugal.
4.3 The future of the Portuguese Coastal Zone.