Políticas de Habitação (not translated)


a)To understand the content of the Right to Housing and the implications of its adoption as a fundamental right.
b)To justify the importance of residential real estate for the national economies and its weight in the property of families and communities.
c)To justify the need for housing policy as a framework for action.
d)To understand housing policy in the context of public policies, developing a critical attitude.
e)To justify the need for public intervention in different market segments, identifying its basics and objectives.
f)To examine the problem of housing in local plans.
g)To evaluate the needs for housing.
h)To evaluate some programs and measures of housing policy, identifying their main achievements and failures.
i)To develop skills of synthesis and verbal communication.
j)To write an essay on a specific topic of the discipline, emphasizing skills for researching (?) and writing.
k)To develop autonomy in researching and self-learning.

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Responsible teacher

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Weekly - 3 letivas + 1 tutorial

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CML, 2008-2009, Programa Local de habitação de Lisboa (textos preparatórios, workshops e Conferências);
INHRU, Plano (Nacional) Estratégico de Habitação, PEH 2008-2013 (relatório executivo: relatório nº1- Diagnóstico, carências e problemas habitacionais; relatório nº 2- Políticas de Habitação; relatório nº 3- Estratégias e modelos de intervenção) e Atlas da Habitação de Portugal, INHRU/ Universidade Católica, Lisboa, 2007;
SERRA, Nuno, 2002, Estado, Território e Estratégias de Habitação, Coimbra, Quarteto Editora (pp. 35-246);
FERREIRA, Mª Júlia (coord.), 2001, Condomínios habitacionais fechados: realidades e utopias, Lisboa, CEGPR, DGPR/FCSH (pp. 15-30; 139-144);
FERREIRA, A. Fonseca, 1987, Por uma nova Política de Habitação, Porto, Afrontamento, 1987 (pp. 59-124; 129-139).

Teaching method

Expositive and practical classes (guidance of written work and oral presentation of their abstracts), 50% theoretical, 50% practical.

Evaluation method

The reading of selected texts will be subject to evaluation through a written test;
Each student will, individually or in groups, prepare and submit a written essay and will give an oral presentation of its summary.

Subject matter

I. Theories and Housing Policies
The Right to Housing. Theory of housing: the object of study, concepts, approaches and scales of analysis. The Right to Housing: Universal Law and Basic Portuguese Law. Objectives: housing quality and residential satisfaction
II. Housing market and land market
From land market to housing market: specific features and types. Needs of land for urban developments and for house building. Residential mobility, \"filtering\", innovation and sustainability. The Portuguese housing market in the European context: features, changes, trends and strategies of the stakeholders.
III. The Housing Policy
Trends in housing policy in European countries. The role of housing and residential strategies in spatial development. Housing in local plans: from the Housing Plan to Local Plan/program of Housing. Objectives, instruments and stakeholder(s) of the housing policy (s). The role of housing in the plans for social inclusion.
IV. The Portuguese Housing Policy by segments
Tasks and skills of government levels on housing. The role of housing in territory enhancement. The segments of the policy and programs of intervention. The management of residential housing The meaning of the homogeneous residential parks.