Políticas Territoriais Europeias (not translated)


a) To provide a set of both theoretical and empirical knowledge on territorial development;
b) To analyse the evolution of the EU Regional and Cohesion policies, as well as other European policies with major territorial impact (Transports, Agriculture, Competitiveness and Monetary);
c) To assess, both in a quantitative and qualitative way, the regional and local development in the EU Member-States, the USA and Portugal;
d) To understand the evaluation’ methodologies and criteria of the EU Cohesion Policy;
e) To pass on competences on the evaluation of public policies and on regional/local development.

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Responsible teacher

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Weekly - 3 letivas + 1 tutorial

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Amin, A. & Thrift, N. (2002). Globalisation, Institutions and Regional Development in Europe. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

DG REGIO (2013). EVALSED - The Resource for the Evaluation of Socio-Economic Development. Brussels: European Commission.

McCann, P. (2015). The Regional and Urban Policy of the European Union. London:Edward-Elgar.

Ross, C. L. (2009). Megaregions. Planning for Global Competititveness. Washington: Island Press.

Shaw, D., Roberts, P. & Walsh, J. (2003). Regional Planning and Development in Europe. London: Ashgate.

Teaching method

Expositive and participative teaching; discussion of case-studies; field work.

Evaluation method

Written essay with oral presentation,followed by open discussion [40% of the final grade].
Written test [(60% of the final grade].

[According to the assessment of FCSH rules, the proposed evaluation elements introduced to students in the first class may suffer readjustments, namely in the weight of each element].

Subject matter

1) Regions in Europe.
2) A \"tale of two policies\": regional development and territorial planning.
3) The Regional Development and Cohesion policies in the EU and in the Member-States.
4) The EU Transport, Agricultural, Competitiveness and Monetary policies and its territorial impacts.
5 ) The Territorial Planning policies in the EU Member-States.
6) The Metropolitan areas.
7) Peripheral, border and island regions.
8) The evaluation of regional development policies.