Project Design and Management


a) To analyse the methodologial basis of the private and public investments.

b) To deliver the knowledge on the projects´profitability analysis.

c) To learn the fondamentals of Cost-Benefit Anaysis (CBA).

d) To think over the evaluation’ methodologies and criteria of the EU Cohesion Policy.

e) To endow students with competences on projects´ socioeconomic evaluation.

f) To pass on competences on the evaluation of public policies and on regional/local development.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

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Weekly - 3 letivas + 1 tutorial

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Bachtler, J. & Wren, C. (Eds., 2006). Regional Studies. Special Issue on \"The Evaluation of EU Cohesion Policy, 40.

DG REGIO (2013). EVALSED: The Resource for the Evaluation of Socio-Economic Development. Brussels: European Commission.

Pearce, D.W. & Nash, C.A. (1990). The Social Appraisal of Projects. A Text on Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA). Working paper.

Behrens, W. & Hawranek, P.M.(1991). Manual for the preparation of Industrial Feasibility Studies. Vienne: UNIDO.

UNIDO (1992). Manual for Evaluation of Industrail Projects. New York.

Teaching method

Expositive and participative teaching; discussion of case-studies; field work.

Evaluation method

Written essay with oral presentation,followed by open discussion (40% of the final grade).
Written test (60% of the final grade).

[According to the FCSH Assessment Standards, the proposed evaluation elements to introduce students in the first class may suffer readjustments, particularly in the percentage of each element.]

Subject matter

1) Private and social project evaluation.
2) Financial evaluation: Net Actual Value and Internal Rate of Return.
3) Economic and social evaluation. Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA).
4) The World Bank methodology.
5) Evaluation of natural resources assets and management.
6) Input-Output analysis for projects´ impact evaluation and regionalisation.
7) EU territorial development programs and projects´ evaluation.