Issues in the Philosophy of History - 2nd semester


1. To understand the questioning of the sense(s) of history as a component of contemporary philosophical reflection on human societies;
2. To analyse philosophical representations of historical change;
3. To reflect on the relationship between the Philosophy of History and other contemporary political and cultural representations with a temporal and teleological sense.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

João Luís Lisboa


Weekly - 3 letivas + 1 tutorial

Total - Available soon

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Benoist, J. e F. Merlini (ed.), Après la fin de l´histoire. Temps, monde, historicité, Paris, Vrin, 1998.
Catroga, Fernando, Caminhos do fim da História, Coimbra, Quarteto, 2003.
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Teaching method

Reading and interpretation of texts. Discussion of a work to be written by each student.

Evaluation method

Subject matter

The ends, the senses, and the intelligence of the historical movement
The cyclical end and the end cycles.
Representations of the senses of History (graphic and verbal narratives).
Repetition and irreversibility. Progress, decay, wheel of fortune ...
Historical reason and political reason.
The problems of ideas of civilization.
Regimes of historicity.


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