Multidisciplinary Seminar in Human Ecology - 2nd semester


As part of this course, students should design and develop their research projects, including an appropriate state of the art on their research topic, that in the following years will lead the drafting of the thesis.

It is intended that students acquire and/or deepen their:
1) knowledge and critical understanding of theoretical and methodological issues in Human Ecology;
2) Ability to analyse complex social problems involving several fields of knowledge;
3) Ability to apply theoretical and methodological frameworks from Human Ecology in the research design of social-ecological relevant phenomena
4) Presentation skills and critical and reflexive discussion of research projects;
5) Ability to design an original and achievable research project in Human Ecology.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Iva Miranda Pires


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Total - Available soon

Teaching language





A definir em função dos problemas / casos de estudo a abordar.
To be specified according to the issues/case studies being considered.

Teaching method

They include moments of class discussion, individual monitoring of students and activities they perform during the year:

- Oriented readings, presentation and discussion of papers;
- Regular presentation of progress reports of its independent research;
- Participation in discussion groups, in particular on methodologies, offered by the Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Knowledge of which Human Ecology is part;
- Participation in NOVA´s Doctoral School courses and other appropriate training courses;
- Participation in conferences.

Evaluation method

At the end of the semester students should have produced research projects including the research plan and the state of the art. They should also deliver the Student´s Portfolio detailing the activities carried out during the year (doctoral school courses, participation at conferences, publications).
Research projects and the portfolio will be discussed in a public session with an invited discussant out of which will result the score of the seminar.

Subject matter

This workshop continues the work started during the Research Methodology seminar in the 1st semester in which students have already begun the planning of their research project and were introduced to the main research techniques and operationalization of research problems.
The multidisciplinary seminar aims to promote the integration of different knowledge involved in the analysis and discussion of problems and case studies. It will thus have a different organization from its predecessors and aims to create a forum for discussion of consolidated and emerging issues related to human ecology.
Thus, is intended to provide a work environment favoring the development of the individual research project and, on the other hand, the presentation and discussion of ongoing or finalized research projects in Human Ecology, so as to provide theoretical and methodological orientations already tested as well as the discussion of their results and conclusions.


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