Dissertação – módulo Intertextualidades - 2nd semester


1. Acquire the linguistic, methodological, and cultural skills that will allow students to envisage either doctoral study or a professional career.
2. Conduct original research.
3. Formulate a pertinent research question, test methods and elaborate hypotheses, learn to synthesize previous critical material.
4. Learn to organise ideas and present findings clearly and precisely

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Ana Paiva Morais


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A selecção de bibliografia dependerá dos projectos de cada mestrando.

Teaching method

Evaluation method

The MUNDUS Masters Final Dissertation will be assessed by the Main Supervisor (S2 and S3) and the S4 supervisor. It will be subject of a short oral presentation and public discussion before a jury. The Viva is to take place not more than 3 weeks
after the deadline for submission of the Dissertation. The dissertation demanded as a requisite for obtaining the Master degree does not satisfy the 35% established by Portuguese law. Due to the commitments established at the level of the European consortium, and taking into account the international scope of this Master, in which UNL participates, the possibility that the thesis will be worth 35% of the credits is not
contemplated. The European nature of this program, coupled with the existence of multiple European master degrees of proven high quality in which this rule does not exist, imply that Portuguese legislation cannot be applied.

Subject matter

The MUNDUS Masters Final Dissertation (semester 4) is a substantial piece of scholarly research of approximately 20,000 words, which will normally follow on directly from the Semester 2 Dissertation Report. Students will be supervised by two
supervisors (a principal supervisor and a co-supervisor).


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