Dissertation Seminar - 2nd semester


Advanced preparation of the Erasmus Mundus Master studensts, according to each student’s chosen research topic and study object, involving the enhancement of research techniques, organization of ideas, and written expression.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Ana Paiva Morais


Weekly - 3 letivas + 1 tutorial

Total - Available soon

Teaching language





A selecção de bibliografia dependerá dos projectos de cada mestrando.

Teaching method

Individual supervision and monitoring of each Master student; the work developed in class and out of class should result in a form of dialogue that makes possible to reach the above-mentioned objectives; students will participate in oral and written presentations on the different items in the syllabus.

Evaluation method

The final grade will correspond to the average of the following items: attendance, punctuality, regular oral participation and all written assignments carried out throughout the semester (60%), final project (40%).

Subject matter

a) To enhance the capacities of conception, synthesis and analysis required to the subsequent written production of a Master´s dissertation.
b) To promote the linguistic and methodological skills required to produce a scholarly piece of work.
c) To research an original, and pertinent theme in the different fields of the Master, according to each student´s interest.
d) To improve the organization of ideas and presentation of findings clearly and precisely.
e) To develop the capacities to present and discuss the problems of the individual research


Programs where the course is taught: