Master dissertation in Urban Studies


The essential purpose of this curricular unit resides in undertaking empirical research facing a particular issue or problematic crux, applying the set of theoretical-conceptual and methodological means obtained during training.

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Teaching method

The teaching methodology consists of: - Individual tutorial guidance, in which the supervisor accompanies all the supervised student´s work stages and provides the necessary assistance. - \"Research seminar\" work, in which the group of students elaborating dissertations are prompted to debate the research development stages and overcome predicaments, and to gather teachings based on the exchange of experiences and on the supervisors´ assistance.

Evaluation method

The supervisor will assess the student´s dissertation elaboration route and the apprenticeship and progression acquired and will contemplate that assessment in the final dissertation evaluation.

Subject matter

In articulation with the supervisor, each student shall, starting from an initial work plan, develop the following points: 1.To identify and select an investigation problem 2.To devise the study object in a complex and analytically problematical mode 3.To select and analyse the relevant bibliography. 4.To elaborate starting questions or work hypotheses. 5.To define and apply the adequate research methodologies. 6.To analyse the results. 7.To write the dissertation.


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