Art History - Early Modern and Maritime Expansion Arts

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Masters in Art History

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Evaluation rules


Code Name ECTS
722061054 Seminário de acompanhamento à Dissertação/Trabalho de Projecto/Estágio com Relatório (not translated) 5
722061092 Theory, Methods and Debates in Art History - 1st semester 10
Elective option 1
Code Name ECTS
722061100 The Art of the Court in Portugal (17th and 18th centuries) 10
722061064 Military Architecture and Fortifications (15th-18th Century) 10
722170103 Portuguese Renaissance Architecture - 1st semester 10
722170107 Monastic and Conventual Art in the Modern Era in Portugal 10
722061063 Figurative Arts in the Portuguese Orient 10
722061102 Portuguese Heritage in the world - 2nd semester 10
722061101 Cultural Transfers between Empires - 2nd semester 10
Elective option 2
Code Name ECTS
722061104 The City in nineteenth century culture - 2nd semester 10
722061096 The shaping of space, symbolic language and memory in Romanesque art 10
722170113 Art and Power under the Dictators - 2nd semester 10
722061093 10
722061094 Decor in Antiquity: towards a global sense of architecture and decoration 10
722061069 Photography and Realism in the 1930´s 10
722061106 Modernism historiography and modernist narratives 10
722061103 Identity images in 19th century art - 1st semester 10
722061095 Images in Classical and Late Antiquity: meanings and representations 10
722061105 Impressionism and visual culture in the 19th century 10
722061099 Liturgy and Performance: spaces and images through the Gothic 10
722061098 Memory, piety and propaganda: funerary art as a source for the study of the Middle Ages - 1st semester 10
722061097 Models, images and powers in Medieval art, from the Suevic Kingdom to the transition to Gothic - 2nd semester 10
722170109 Modernism and Modernisms in 20th Century Art - 1st semester 10
722061110 The Body in 20th Century Art 10
722061109 Spatial Practices in Contemporary Art 10
722061107 Artistic Heritage in a global world: concept, recreation and merit 10
722061108 Networks and artistic transfers in Southern Europe (1870-1918) - 2nd semester 10
Elective option 3
Code Name ECTS
722061112 Dissertation in Art History 55
722061118 Internship with Report in Art History 55
722061115 Work Project in Art History 55