Portuguese Renaissance Architecture - 1st semester


To acquire knowledge and understanding of Portuguese Renaissance architecture. To be able to situate it in the European context. Apply the acquired knowledge to the attending buildings. To be able to integrate acquired knowledge in a final thesis.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Nuno Conde Senos


Weekly - 3 letivas + 1 tutorial

Total - Available soon

Teaching language





Albrecht Haupt. A Arquitectura do Renascimento em Portugal. Lisboa: Editorial Presença, 1986 (ed. original alemã 1890-95)
George Kubler. A Arquitectura Portuguesa Chã. Entre as Especiarias e os Diamantes, 1521-1706. Lisboa: Veja, 1988, pp. 29-46 (ed. org. inglesa 1972)
Correia, José Eduardo Horta, “A arquitectura – maneirismo e ‘estilo chão’\" in Vítor Serrão, ed. O Maneirismo, vol. 7 de História da Arte em Portugal. Lisboa: Alfa, 1986
Rafael Moreira. “Arquitectura: renascimento e classicismo” in Paulo Pereira, ed., História da Arte Portuguesa. Lisboa: Círculo de Leitores, 1995 (vol. 2)
Lurdes Craveiro. A Arquitectura ‘ao Romano’, vol. 9 de Dalila Rodrigues, ed. Arte Portuguesa. Lisboa: Fubu Editores, 2009

Teaching method

Classes consist of the presentation and discussion of texts and papers prepared by the students.

Evaluation method

Students will be graded on the basis of their participation in in-class discussions, an in-class presentation of their research and on the resulting written version. Site visits will suplement in-class teaching.

Subject matter

From the advent of the earliest decorative forms to the establishment and consolidation of full renaissance building types. Assimilation, creativity and resistance to 1580.