Art History - Contemporary Art

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Masters in Art History

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Code Name ECTS
722061054 Seminário de acompanhamento à Dissertação/Trabalho de Projecto/Estágio com Relatório (not translated) 5
722061092 Theory, Methods and Debates in Art History - 1st semester 10
Elective option 1
Code Name ECTS
722061104 The City in nineteenth century culture - 2nd semester 10
722170113 Art and Power under the Dictators - 2nd semester 10
722061069 Photography and Realism in the 1930´s 10
722061106 Modernism historiography and modernist narratives 10
722061103 Identity images in 19th century art - 1st semester 10
722061105 Impressionism and visual culture in the 19th century 10
722170109 Modernism and Modernisms in 20th Century Art - 1st semester 10
722061110 The Body in 20th Century Art 10
722061109 Spatial Practices in Contemporary Art 10
722061108 Networks and artistic transfers in Southern Europe (1870-1918) - 2nd semester 10
Elective option 2
Code Name ECTS
722061100 The Art of the Court in Portugal (17th and 18th centuries) 10
722061096 The shaping of space, symbolic language and memory in Romanesque art 10
722061064 Military Architecture and Fortifications (15th-18th Century) 10
722170103 Portuguese Renaissance Architecture - 1st semester 10
722170107 Monastic and Conventual Art in the Modern Era in Portugal 10
722061093 10
722061063 Figurative Arts in the Portuguese Orient 10
722061094 Decor in Antiquity: towards a global sense of architecture and decoration 10
722061095 Images in Classical and Late Antiquity: meanings and representations 10
722061099 Liturgy and Performance: spaces and images through the Gothic 10
722061098 Memory, piety and propaganda: funerary art as a source for the study of the Middle Ages - 1st semester 10
722061097 Models, images and powers in Medieval art, from the Suevic Kingdom to the transition to Gothic - 2nd semester 10
722061107 Artistic Heritage in a global world: concept, recreation and merit 10
722061102 Portuguese Heritage in the world - 2nd semester 10
722061101 Cultural Transfers between Empires - 2nd semester 10
Elective option 3
Code Name ECTS
722061113 Dissertation in Art History 55
722061119 Internship with Report in Art History 55
722061116 Work Project in Art History 55